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  • 10K


  • Saturday,  February 23, 2019

OUR SPONSORS:  Please thank our sponsors.  You can click on their logo to visit their websites.




  • The 10K will start at 9 am.
  • The race course closes at 12:30 PM.


  • The start and finish for all the races will be at Howard Amon Park in Richland.  Specifically behind the Fingernail Structure in the Parking Lot that is also behind the Red Lion Hotel.  This is in the parking lot off Lee Boulevard to the left when you are heading toward the river.  Check out the course maps to see it in visual form.


  • Please like us on Facebook for updates and inspiration:
  • This year we have a running group and training plan for both the half marathon and the 10K.  See Facebook for details or see below in the running group and training plan section.


  • Online registration ends on Wednesday, February 20, at 8 PM.
  • The cut off for shirts will be MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4 at 5 PM. Any registration after that date/time will NOT be able to order a race shirt so PLEASE get registered early.
  • The race will have a maximum of 200 runners allowed to ensure that everyone has a first rate experience.
  • There will be race registration allowed at packet pickup on Friday evening and also the morning of the race at the Red Lion from 7:30-8:30 am, IF THE RACE HAS NOT SOLD OUT.  On site registration is cash or check only and will be $50


  • The 10K entry fee is $30 until 12/31/2018,  $35 from 1/1/2019 to 1/31/2019, $40 from 2/1/2019 to 2/20/2019, and  $50 for packet pickup and race day registration if there any spots are remaining.
  • SHIRTS DO NOT COME WITH THE LOWER FEE.  There is an option to purchase a shirt in addition to your race fee.  See Optional Clothing Option below.
  • If you are a current 3RRR club member, your entry fee is $2 less until 2/20/2019 at which time you will pay the full price if you register at packet pick up or race day.
  • Optional Clothing option will be an additional $20 and you must be registered by Saturday February 9, 2019 to get a shirt.  After that date the shirts will no longer be available.
  • SIGN UP EARLY TO SAVE!! and remember there is a 200 runner limit.
  • Please pay online with a Visa, Master Card, or Discover (sorry no American Express). Your registration is not complete until your credit card information has been entered and that is the last thing you do when registering.  You will get a confirmation email after you register, if you don't you are not registered.  (If you miss the online deadline and want to register at packet pick up on Friday or Race Day Morning then you will need to bring cash or check, credit will not be accepted, thanks!


  • Red Lion Hotel Richland Hanford House.  They will be hosting packet pick up on race day morning and are just next to the start and finish area
  • 802 George Washington Way in Richland
  • Call 509-946-7611 and let them know you would like the Richland Run Fest rate which is $106/night.  Code is RICH0222.
  • Special Rate is good until February 1, 2019, please call before then to get the group discount.


  • Friday, February 22, 2018 from 4-6:30pm at Tagaris Winery (844 Tulip Lane in Richland).  Come pick up your packet (have dinner or happy hour)and avoid race morning rush and thank one of our sponsors.
  • Saturday, February 23, 2018 on race morning from 7:30-8:30am at the Red Lion (802 George Washington Way in Richland).


  • Will be chip timed at both start and finish.
  • There will be an additional surprise gift for finishing, that only 10K participants will receive.
  • There will be 2 aid stations on the 10K (see course map, same station you pass is right after mile 2 and right before mile 4) with gatorade and water.
  • 10K Run Map
  • On the maps, click on each item to get an explanation of where that spot is on the race course.
  • On the maps the lines for the routes are different colors to differentiate which way the course is run, click on the parts of the route to get an explanation of the route also.


  • Foto Rudy will be at race day taking your photos.  Chris is volunteering his time to try and capture everyone for race day.  Please remember he is only one person, but will do his best to catch you all in action.
  • Within a week of race day, Chris will post all the photos he obtained on race day on his website:  They will be in an album and available for you to look through and download any photos you may want FOR FREE.
  • Make sure you thank Chris for being so awesome and making photos available to all the runners for free by considering him if you need portrait, wedding or senior pictures.


  • Larry is once again leading the running group and training plan for those that are interested.
  • The training plan is geared toward first time 10K runners, but all levels are welcome.
  • The running group will be meeting on Saturday mornings at 6:45am at the Roasters on George Washington Way in Richland.  We ask that you park down in Howard Amon parking to not overwhelm Roasters parking lot.  All levels are welcome, we will be running the distance that is listed on the training plan.  Experienced runners are encouraged to attend to help mentor those who are new to our beloved sport.
  • The Saturday runs will be posted on the Facebook page as an event usually on the Monday before each Saturday.
  • The training plan is posted on the Facebook page as well.
  • Remember that everyone is responsible for their own health and that they have checked with their doctor prior to participating.
  • If you are not a part of Facebook please just show up to a Saturday morning run and we will get you all the details you need (or contact the me-the race director)


  • OVERALL top three female finishers
  • OVERALL top three male finishers
  • Age Group Awards to the top three female finishers and top three male finishers in each age group.
  • There will be 5 year age groups (14 and under; 15-19; 20-24, 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70+).
  • There will be an awards tent located near the finish line where you can check your results.
  • There will be an awards ceremony, more information to follow as we get closer to the race.
  • Awards will not be mailed so please stop by the Awards Tent to check and see if you won an award


  • There will be a food and drinks.  More details as we get closer to race day.
  • One of our incredible sponsors Powell Real Estate Group will be supplying chocolate milk again for recovery.



  • PLEASE consider having your friends or family members volunteer for the race.  The Volunteers may your race experience that much better.
  • If you know of anyone interested in volunteering, please have them contact Amanda Lang at

Any other questions, please email the race director, Amanda Lang, at or text 231-903-9080.  Please remember the race director is a volunteer and works a full time job that does not allow checking of phone or Facebook while at work.  Please be patient, I promise to get back to you, it just may take a day (or two in a really busy week).


Date: February 23, 2019

Howard Amon Park Fingernail
30 Lee Blvd
Richland, WA
Map and Directions

Registration Details

Shirt Order 10K RRF

IF YOU PAID FOR A SHIRT: please pick your shirt size. IF YOU PICKED THE RACE ONLY OPTION: please pick NONE.

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Waiver Details

In consideration of your acceptance of this race entry, I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever release and discharge any and all rights, demands, claims for damages and causes of suit or action known or unknown that I may have against the 3 Rivers Road Runners, the City of Richland, the City of Kennewick, and Benton County and any and all participating race sponsors and directors, officers, employees and agents of such parties, for any and all injuries in any manner arising or resulting from my participation in said race. I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in the race, that I assume those risks, that I will assume and pay my own medical and emergency expenses in the event of an accident, illness or other capacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses, and that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this race. All confirmed orders are final once payment is submitted. 3 Rivers Road Runners does not issue refunds.

Waiver Initials

Initials of athlete over 18 years of age or parent/legal guardian of minor under 18 years of age or legal guardian of incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person.

Event Roster

NameRegistration Date
110 people registered
Cristina JimenezSep 27, 2018
Rachel GarzaOct 1, 2018
Mirella CarrionOct 8, 2018
Philip GarzaNov 7, 2018
Sharon KurzDec 2, 2018
Cindy SitalDec 3, 2018
Karen EddyDec 5, 2018
Herminia EsquedaDec 5, 2018
John CollinsDec 10, 2018
Abigail HarderDec 11, 2018
Kathleen GaliotoDec 15, 2018
Jacklyn WegersDec 23, 2018
Brandon BurtDec 26, 2018
Alicia BryantDec 26, 2018
Jani RodersDec 26, 2018
Katy ChildersDec 27, 2018
Wyatt MorrisDec 27, 2018
Jennifer GarzaDec 28, 2018
Ric GarzaDec 28, 2018
Brenda HostDec 28, 2018
Denise SitterDec 28, 2018
Debbie MendozaDec 29, 2018
Susan BrainDec 29, 2018
Jennifer MitchellDec 29, 2018
Wendy BrownDec 29, 2018
Aden BlakeDec 29, 2018
Raeanne BlakeDec 29, 2018
Laura ClemensDec 30, 2018
Tami StubbsDec 30, 2018
Lisa SheroDec 30, 2018
Jim PetersonDec 31, 2018
Ethan StoutDec 31, 2018
Denise RosenblumDec 31, 2018
Emily CampDec 31, 2018
Brittany CostasDec 31, 2018
Jamie SchmelzerDec 31, 2018
Mario SalinasDec 31, 2018
Vasti SalinasDec 31, 2018
Keri CartagenaDec 31, 2018
Luis CartagenaDec 31, 2018
Mark FreemanJan 1, 2019
Becca GoodenoughJan 1, 2019
Sara StumpJan 2, 2019
Kevin SteffansonJan 2, 2019
Skylar WoodJan 2, 2019
Veronica WalleJan 4, 2019
Mireya WalleJan 4, 2019
Sheryl HeinenJan 4, 2019
Cori SmithJan 6, 2019
SCOTT BROWNJan 7, 2019
Garth ReedJan 9, 2019
Donald WieberJan 11, 2019
Jacoby WieberJan 11, 2019
Richard RobinsonJan 14, 2019
Sam SomesJan 15, 2019
Jessica HensonJan 15, 2019
Samantha NajeraJan 16, 2019
Kendrick GloverJan 16, 2019
paul claybrookJan 16, 2019
Corbyn JonesJan 16, 2019
Jennifer BatemanJan 17, 2019
Brianna HartyJan 17, 2019
Miciah SomesJan 17, 2019
Russell MidiliJan 18, 2019
Christina EldridgeJan 19, 2019
Susan SheetsJan 20, 2019
Jose MendozaJan 20, 2019
Maria WerremeyerJan 21, 2019
Nathan WallaceJan 21, 2019
James ConnerJan 23, 2019
Steven MorenoJan 23, 2019
Robert BrownJan 24, 2019
Adrienne MorrellJan 24, 2019
Victoria GarzaJan 25, 2019
Galt PettettJan 25, 2019
Diana RosalesJan 25, 2019
Tonya RoushJan 26, 2019
Karly TuckerJan 26, 2019
Aggie DoctorJan 27, 2019
Chuck WyckoffJan 27, 2019
Joseph MyersJan 27, 2019
Andrea PorterJan 28, 2019
David PorterJan 28, 2019
Andrea SteigerJan 29, 2019
Brian FreemanJan 30, 2019
Jacob FreemanJan 30, 2019
Filiberto CervantesJan 30, 2019
Ashley GilbertJan 30, 2019
Eric KimJan 31, 2019
Cheryl WilmothJan 31, 2019
Kathy MeadowsJan 31, 2019
Nikki HuntingtonJan 31, 2019
Grant CarpinoFeb 1, 2019
Bianca NoahFeb 1, 2019
Nicole KlineFeb 2, 2019
Monique EbbersonFeb 3, 2019
Rachel frankFeb 4, 2019
Jasmine WooFeb 4, 2019
Rebecca WolfFeb 5, 2019
Joseph CohensFeb 5, 2019
Rose PalmerFeb 6, 2019
Jennifer ChandlerFeb 6, 2019
Brenda CollinsFeb 6, 2019
Kasey CliffordFeb 7, 2019
Heather JohnsonFeb 10, 2019
Nolan VandineFeb 10, 2019
Alexa NeffFeb 13, 2019
Vicki RossFeb 14, 2019
Marcy GrandgeorgeFeb 15, 2019
Heath RobertsonFeb 15, 2019