2023 Multi-Sport Events Open for Registration

2023 Multi-Sport Events Open for Registration

2023 Local Multi-Sport Events are open for registration!  You can get signed up for the 2023 events to help give you that training motivation over the winter.  The Rage in the Sage Duathlon is May 13th and you can sign up at Rage in the Sage Duathlon (  The Righteous Richland Sprint Triathlon is July 8th and you can sign up at Righteous Richland Sprint Triathlon (  The Titanium Man Junior Triathlon, for 7 to 12 year olds, is August 19th and sign up at Titanium Man Junior Triathlon (   And the Plutonium Man Triathlon, with both sprint and Olympic distances, is August 26th with sign up at Plutonium Man Triathlon (  You can also check out the event calendar at to get more info on these events.  Happy Training!

Club Membership now through RunSignUP

We have simplified the process of joining the 3 Rivers Road Runners Club by using the RunSignUp platform (just like our races). Here is the RunSignUp link.   Still the best deal in town with $20 covering everyone in the family at the same address for a full year! 3RRR members get discounts off all our races and, of course, free beer at club meetings!!!                                 

3RRR Christmas Party!!!

3RRR Christmas Party at Atomic Ale!  Once again the fine folks at Atomic Ale Brewpub are providing us a venue for our annual Christmas Party (with a little bit of a meeting).  The date is Sunday, December 11th from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm.  During that time Atomic is open exclusively for 3RRR members.  So if you are a member, we hope you show up and remember it’s a convenient time to pay down your $20 annual dues.  If you are not a member, then it’s a great time to join the club and enjoy some of the benefits of club membership right away.  For $20 per year per family, you will get discounts on all of the races we put on and free beer at club meetings!  And at the Christmas Party it’s even more – the club picks up the beer tab and the soup tab and you will pick up the tab for any individual food items you order off the menu.  Hope we see you there and if you have any questions you can contact Eric at

Kid’s Triathlon practice swims

August 13 (9:15 am) and August 19 (8:15 am) near the big boat dock in Howard Amon Park in Richland. Contact Eric at if you have questions.

Open Water River Swims

We plan to start getting is some river swims starting on July 1st.  We will meet up Friday mornings at 7:30 and Saturday mornings at 8:30.  Meet up spot is the same as previous years, which is the public parking lot just upstream of the Marina Vista Estates townhouse complex (downstream from the River Front Hotel).  We drive to the upstream get in point and then swim downriver, getting out across from Eric’s townhouse, where a warm water hose will be available to wash off the river scum and rinse out your wetsuit.  3 things to know:

  1. You need to swim with a swim buoy or some other brightly colored floaty toy that increases your visibility to the boaters.  When everyone wears one it increases the visibility for all of us.
  2. These are not lifeguarded swims.  Some times we may have an escort kayak or SUP, but don’t expect one.
  3. Due to number 2 above, if you show up for the swim you are making the statement that you are capable of swimming in the river.  The river is colder and darker than any pool you swim in. Please take that into account before you show up for a swim.

Contact Eric at with any questions.