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President’s Message

And Now a Word from our Sponsors…I think I have made it really clear through the years how much I appreciate the volunteers that help at our races and make it possible for me to direct and compete in the races. Especially those folks that come back time and time again to help out. We couldn’t do the races without them.

Well, we wouldn’t be sustaining the club at the standard we are used to without all the great sponsors we have for our races. Here is a partial list that you should be aware of:

  • David Hughes with Hughes Physical Therapy sponsors the Fiasco in Pasco Duathlon, and has been since the beginning of that race. David and some of his staff usually participate in the Fiasco and other events in the Series.
  • Ken Call of Therapeutic Associates is another competitor in many of our Series events and is the original sponsor of the Righteous Richland Sprint Triathlon. Ken is also a very generous sponsor of the Kid’s Marathon Running Program.
  • Mike Hall with Ice Harbor Brewery jumped in as another sponsor of the sprint triathlon and will be providing beer glasses for the age group and overall winners.
  • John Williams and family out at Kiona Winery have sponsored Rage in the Sage Duathlon for many years now.  And they have been very kind to provide us a meeting room for a couple of club meetings each year.
  • Evan Hudspeth with McDougall’s/Kimo’s has been sponsoring our St. Patrick’s Day Foot Race and the Titanium Man Triathlon for many, many years.  What a great place to end a race!
  • Atomic Ale BrewPub is our sponsor of the Aquaman Duathlon and provides us with beer glasses.  They have hosted our Holiday Party the last several years and given us the run of the place for the party.
  • Matt Moeller of Dade Moeller has been the host sponsor for our complete 3 Rivers Multi-Sport Series for a number of years.
  • Janelle Klashke with the Tri-City Court Club is one of the original sponsors of our Titanium Man Triathlon, as they have every year since we started the triathlon in 1990.
  • Scott Conrad at the Runners Soul has helped out with a number of our foot races over the years.  And if you are looking for expertise on running shoes, Scott is the man to talk to.
  • Mike Sutherland at White Bluffs Brewery jumped into the game in 2011 with sponsorship of the Fiasco in Pasco and provides beer glasses and growlers as awards.  Another great place to have a club meeting!
  • Dan at the Fox and Bear Public House joined us in 2013 and supports the Pasco Sprint Triathlon with glasses for age group awards.
  • Kevin Miller with the Shrub Steppe Smokehouse Brewpub also joined up in 2013 and supports our Indian Summer Half Marathon with glasses for the age group winners.

So why am I bringing all this to your attention? Because you should know the folks out there in our community that support our club and our activities. Return the favor…support our sponsors. Say hey to Mike, Mike, or Dave and drop by for a beer at one of our brewery sponsors and check out their great beer.  Same things goes at Kiona Winery.  If you are ever in the situation where you need some physical therapy, as runners and triathletes find themselves from time to time, please consider David or Ken for your needs. If you are debating about which health club to join, remember that Tri-City Court Club has supported us for over 20 years. And if you know Matt Moeller, give him a thank you for his support. In fact, when you get an opportunity to talk to any of the folks I mentioned above, be sure and tell them how much you appreciate their support and say THANKS. The great sponsors we have sure make my race director job easier.

Long May You Run and Thank our Sponsors,