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St. Patrick Day Foot Race



RACE IS MARCH 13, 2021


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Come join us for an annual rite of springtime in the Tri-Cities. We’ve got 5km and 10km courses for everyone. Read on for all the details!

DATE: March 13, 2021

DISTANCES: 5km and 10km races.

TIME:  Rolling wave starts of 10 runners every 2 minutes starts at 9:00 am.  Details of the wave start and other Covid safety measures are described below.  Course CLOSES at 11:00 am.

PLACE: Races start and finish on Columbia Park Trail, just below the outdoor deck at Kimo's at Columbia Center North, Richland, Washington.

COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURES: As we all know, this past year has totally sucked with the pandemic ravaging the world.  Last year, for the 2020 edition of this race, we found out at 2:00 pm the day before the race that, per the governor's office, we would not be able to put on a physical race.  Since that time, the governor's office has put out guidelines to safely hold foot races and we intend to follow them.  You can view these guidelines at  We expect 100% cooperation from all runners and volunteers to adhere to the safety rules we have set up for this race.  We are trying to put on an event that brings a little bit of normalcy back into our lives, and as runners, what better way that to put on a foot race.  If you are one of those covidiots that thinks that by not wearing a face mask you are somehow making a statement about liberty and personal freedoms, know that you are not welcome here.  Don't show up without your face covering.

So, the race is going to look a little different this year with our Covid precautions.  Please read the following carefully for these precautions:

  • Please register online as soon as possible.  Pay attention to the deadlines for ordering a shirt and the discounts for 3RRR members.
  • You MUST wear a face mask or face covering at all times with anything associated with this race, except when you are running or in between gulps of water from your water bottle at the end of the race.
  • Packet pickup and late registration will be available Friday, March 12th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm off the west end of the deck on the river side of Kimo's.  Look for the 3RRR trailer parked in the corner of the parking lot and we will be just around the corner on the deck.  Do not go through Kimo's to get to us, as you can access us from outside.  Remember to wear your face mask.  At packet pickup, you will be given a neck gaiter which you can use for the race as your face covering.
  • Packet pickup and late registration also available on race morning between 7:00 and 8:45 am, just as indicated above. Please pickup/late register on Friday if at all possible.
  • Starting line procedure will look completely different from prior years.  No mass start for either race.  We will start 10 runners at a time, leaving every 2 minutes.  All the 10 km runners will start in the earlier waves and 5 km runners in the later waves.  Check back to our website a couple days before the race to get an idea of when your wave will start.
  • Cones will be set up behind the start/finish line for waves to assemble.  As soon as one wave starts, we will move everyone up to the next wave position.  Columbia Park Trail is closed in front of Kimo's for the race, and that coupled with the west side Kimo's parking lot gives you plenty of room to social distance before the race.  Please remember to do this and keep your face covering on before the race.
  • Per the state guidelines, we ask that you self seed yourself in the proper wave, with the fastest runners starting first and slower runners last.  Remember that the race is chip timed and your time does not start until you cross the start line.
  • When you are in the wave position that is about to start the race, you can pull down your neck gaiter or stuff your face mask in your shorts 10 seconds before your wave starts.  You can keep it off while you are running, but within seconds of crossing the finish line you are expected to get your face covering back in place.
  • Remember to social distance after the race.  Bottled water will be available on tables set up in the Kimo's parking lot.  You can get the results of the race off your phone by going to the Negative Split website at
  • Per the guidelines, we cannot have a large gathering for an award ceremony.  Instead, check your results on your phone and if you place in your age group (or were one of the top 3 male and female runners in each race) you can pick up your award at the west end of the Kimo's deck (same place you picked up your packet) between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm on race day.  Age group awards are race glasses that will NOT be mailed.  This gives you a chance to go home and shower and then come back and pick up your award.  If you miss this window, you will have to e-mail Eric at to arrange a pickup time.
  • NO spectators are allowed for the race.  Sorry, but please leave your family at home.  If someone should randomly stumble upon the race, they must also wear a face covering at all times.



  • Start on Columbia Park Trail in front of Kimo’s and go down into the park, stay to the right side of the road
  • Turn around a half mile into the course and head back towards Kimo's, again on the right side of the road
  • Exit Columbia Park Trail onto the foot path about 150 yards east (downstream) of the Columbia Park Marina
  • Stay on this foot path as it goes past Bateman Island, the bus barn, and parallel to the Hwy 240 causeway
  • The 5 km turnaround is about 250 yards east of the bus barn and the 10 km turnaround is shortly after coming on to the Yakima River bridge
  • After the turnarounds, come back the same way you went out until you get to where the foot path rejoins Columbia Park Trail
  • At this point turn right, moving to the left hand side of the road as you run up the hill, and finish right in front of Kimo's.

AGE GROUP AWARDS: Awards for 5 and 10km races in the following age groups: 15 and under; 16-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; and 70 plus.  Special awards to the top 3 men and women in each race.

RUNNING CLOTHING: A high quality, tech fabric short-sleeve shirt will be available for an extra $18 over the entry fee. Only a very limited number of shirts will be available for folks who register late, so if you want a t-shirt you should pre-register by March 1st at 8:00 pm.  "Choose an Option" at the top of registration allows for selection of whether you want a shirt or not.  If you order a shirt, indicate your shirt size in the size drop-down box...if you did not order a shirt please indicate "none" for the shirt size.

PARKING: Parking is available in the Columbia Center North parking lot. Before the races, please stage in the closed section of Columbia Park Trail or the Kimo’s parking lot.

RACE DIRECTOR: Eric Greager via e-mail at .

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee for running the 5km or 10km races is $15. 3RRR members get a $2 discount off this entry fee if they register online by the pre-registration deadline of March 1st at 8:00 pm (carefully pick the correct price in the Choose an Option drop down box at the start of registration to get your 3RRR discount).  After this March 1st at 8:00 pm deadline, the entry fee for the race goes up to $20. Short-sleeved shirts cost an additional $18.00.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT DEADLINES: To be pre-registered all entries must be complete AND PAYMENTS MADE THROUGH ON-LINE REGISTRATION  by 8:00 pm on March 1, 2021.  Any shirt orders must be made by this pre-registration deadline.  On-line registration will still be available until March 9th.  Late registration in person will be available at the west end of Kimo's deck (outside) from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on Friday March 12th and 7:00 - 8:45 am on race morning as indicated above under Covid Safety Precautions.


Any registration without payment will not be valid. 

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS: We sympathize with life's uncertainties but there are no refunds. Please, please, please plan accordingly.

PICK-UP: In town runners who are pre-registered should pick up their race packets on March 12th at Kimo's between 4:00 and 6:00 pm as described in the Covid Safety Precautions above. Other pre-registered runners can pick up their race packets race morning at Kimo's from 7:00 to 8:45 am, again as described above in the Covid Safety Precautions.

RACE RESULTS: Will be available by Negative Split Event Timing at

Shirt orders are the very first question, just next to "Choose an Option".  Please do not by-pass this question if you would like to order  a shirt.  Your registration starts with the Choose an Option drop box.

RF McDougal's

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

Event Roster

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169 people registered
Sarah WrightJan 29, 2021
Stephanie InsleeJan 31, 2021
Chuck InsleeJan 31, 2021
Philip GarzaJan 31, 2021
Cody DowJan 31, 2021
Deanna LomaxJan 31, 2021
Mark KruegerFeb 1, 2021
Kathy PryorFeb 1, 2021
Rick BeckerFeb 1, 2021
Pat KenworthyFeb 1, 2021
Vika SeveraFeb 1, 2021
Michael JanskyFeb 2, 2021
Shesha KelleyFeb 3, 2021
Neil BlakesleeFeb 3, 2021
Dale FullerFeb 6, 2021
Scott BoothFeb 8, 2021
Juan SandovalFeb 8, 2021
Christina ToroFeb 8, 2021
Alex BountharathFeb 8, 2021
Laura SandovalFeb 9, 2021
Jared CliffordFeb 9, 2021
Mary CliffordFeb 9, 2021
Therese MurphyFeb 10, 2021
Nicole DiedrichFeb 10, 2021
Dan DavisFeb 11, 2021
Chad DavisFeb 11, 2021
Richelle DavisFeb 11, 2021
Marcy GrandgeorgeFeb 13, 2021
Kurt GrandgeorgeFeb 13, 2021
Mayra Lopez RomeroFeb 14, 2021
David HarveyFeb 15, 2021
Stephanie DobosFeb 15, 2021
Jeremy DobosFeb 15, 2021
Justin BarhamFeb 15, 2021
William DobosFeb 15, 2021
ANDY MILLERFeb 16, 2021
Morganne PageFeb 16, 2021
Julie HartFeb 16, 2021
Renee SlocumbFeb 18, 2021
Jennie AdamsFeb 18, 2021
Bob MerrimanFeb 20, 2021
Al AragonFeb 20, 2021
Thomas MorrisFeb 20, 2021
Michelle JoyFeb 21, 2021
Les MillerFeb 21, 2021
Estela RomjueFeb 21, 2021
Wendy CrosierFeb 21, 2021
Sammy CrosierFeb 21, 2021
Mamie GaleFeb 21, 2021
Scott SarberFeb 21, 2021
Caleb SarberFeb 21, 2021
Michelle MercerFeb 21, 2021
Hollie ZepedaFeb 22, 2021
Damian PadillaFeb 22, 2021
Jennifer GahringerFeb 22, 2021
Victor PalmaFeb 23, 2021
Martha SanfordFeb 23, 2021
Garry W. BuchkoFeb 24, 2021
Alberto MorenoFeb 24, 2021
Shannon MorenoFeb 24, 2021
Dan KernanFeb 24, 2021
Kolton ShroyerFeb 24, 2021
Brian CimmiyottiFeb 24, 2021
DIANA RUFFFeb 24, 2021
Beau RuffFeb 24, 2021
Pierce RuffFeb 24, 2021
Mae RuffFeb 24, 2021
Katy SanfordFeb 24, 2021
Jim SanfordFeb 24, 2021
Kristi GerisFeb 25, 2021
Jeff HamiltonFeb 25, 2021
Sharon SmithFeb 25, 2021
Cindy SitalFeb 26, 2021
Mariko Sital-GimmakaFeb 26, 2021
Mark GimmakaFeb 26, 2021
Alaa AtfehFeb 26, 2021
Heather JohnsonFeb 26, 2021
Jennifer MattsonFeb 26, 2021
Lorri LedgerwoodFeb 26, 2021
Lesley BrownFeb 26, 2021
Lars SmithFeb 27, 2021
Jen ChamberlainFeb 27, 2021
Travis ChamberlainFeb 27, 2021
Daniel LandeeneFeb 27, 2021
Nial KhodraFeb 27, 2021
Richard SextonFeb 27, 2021
Julianna CortinaFeb 27, 2021
Elsa GomezFeb 27, 2021
Jackson OrateFeb 27, 2021
Mariah RickettsFeb 27, 2021
Robb WallaceFeb 28, 2021
Brian BakerFeb 28, 2021
Omar FariasFeb 28, 2021
Kurtis McFaddenFeb 28, 2021
Jim PetersonFeb 28, 2021
Leslie RiveraFeb 28, 2021
Mark RiveraFeb 28, 2021
Rosemary StreibeckFeb 28, 2021
Sarah RapozaFeb 28, 2021
David RapozaFeb 28, 2021
Jennifer QuintanaFeb 28, 2021
Nichole AllenFeb 28, 2021
Angie MilletFeb 28, 2021
Kate MilletFeb 28, 2021
Jim NeewayFeb 28, 2021
Arlene LorenzanoFeb 28, 2021
Jason EllinwoodFeb 28, 2021
Jaclyn PhillipsFeb 28, 2021
Kendra PrichardFeb 28, 2021
Victoria GarzaFeb 28, 2021
Andrew KupratFeb 28, 2021
Debra PrichardFeb 28, 2021
Candice Folta DraperFeb 28, 2021
J Morgan HensonMar 1, 2021
Elizabeth MausMar 1, 2021
John CollinsMar 1, 2021
Diane GainesMar 1, 2021
Ben WertzMar 1, 2021
Gabriela NarcisoMar 1, 2021
Guillermo GarciaMar 1, 2021
Adele ConnorsMar 1, 2021
Heather KesslerMar 1, 2021
Karen PattersonMar 1, 2021
Keri ShrewsberryMar 1, 2021
Patrick ScharfMar 1, 2021
John ShawMar 1, 2021
Mia ScharfMar 1, 2021
Melissa HamptonMar 1, 2021
AL ABRAMSONMar 1, 2021
Maria GarciaMar 1, 2021
Juvenal RuizMar 1, 2021
Jamie SchmelzerMar 2, 2021
Julie GuertinMar 2, 2021
Alona PernulaMar 2, 2021
Kaitlin HansenMar 2, 2021
Monica CisnerosMar 2, 2021
Scott PetersonMar 2, 2021
Clifford BanisterMar 2, 2021
Eva LindstrandMar 3, 2021
Eric LindstrandMar 3, 2021
Ryan CarterMar 4, 2021
Leslie CarterMar 4, 2021
Bergen StovallMar 4, 2021
Wendy DixonMar 4, 2021
Charles KrauseMar 5, 2021
Tracey QuinlanMar 5, 2021
Breann BriggsMar 5, 2021
Katie HuibregtseMar 6, 2021
Tanya YoungMar 6, 2021
Casey YoungMar 6, 2021
Nicole WiserMar 6, 2021
Matt WiserMar 6, 2021
Kurtis WiserMar 6, 2021
Darcie WiserMar 6, 2021
Kristi DawsonMar 7, 2021
Kellen FlynnMar 7, 2021
Enid FlynnMar 7, 2021
Jesse TrejoMar 7, 2021
Yucheng FuMar 7, 2021
Dana WARDMar 8, 2021
Ginny SkipperMar 8, 2021
Kaitlyn MostollerMar 8, 2021
Eric HansonMar 8, 2021
Shannon OverbayMar 9, 2021
Jacqui LindsayMar 9, 2021
Patricia MonteithMar 9, 2021
Craig WarnerMar 9, 2021