Please read:  Currently working on logistics for how to hold the Richland RunFest on February 27, 2021 in person safely.  More information to come.  For now know there will be an in person race (and a virtual option-see details) with a start window from 9am-12pm and the race course closing at 1:30pm.  You will have your choice of the half marathon distance, 10K or 5K.  Most likely the half marathon participants will go out on the course spaced out between 9-10am, the 10K participants from 10-11am and the 5K from 11am-12pm.  The course will be different, in a location near WSU where we can all space out much better and it will be a one direction race, not an out and back.  There will be limit on the number of in person racers.

For those of you who want to run and want the swag but don't want to be around others due to safety concerns, the in person race you want sells out, or the day does not work for you there will be a virtual option for ALL THREE DISTANCES with a week window to complete your race at your own time.  New this year and to intrigue those that are endurance people, you will be allowed to sign up for 1 in person race and 1 or 2 virtual races of the other distances (or all 3 virtual races)......yes you can do all three distances.  You can do them back to back or on different days-your choice.  To make lemonade out of our lemon of a year there will be medals offered for all 3 distances and they will fit together to make one large medal if you do all three distances!!!--promise it will be cool!

I am working out the details-please remember I am a volunteer who has a more than a full time job outside of race director.  I promise I will post a link to the registration page as soon as I have those details worked out.  Aiming for end of November.

Mark you calendars and PLAN ON IT!  One way or another you can run the Richland RunFest!


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  • Half Marathon, 10K and 5K


  • In Person Race (with COVID precautions in place): Saturday,  February 27, 2021
  • Virtual Race Option Window:  Friday February 26, 2021 to Sunday March 7, 2001

OUR SPONSORS:  Please thank our sponsors.  You can click on their logo to visit their websites.




  • The in person races will start at 9 am (wave starts continuing for 3 hours total).
  • The race course closes at 1:30 PM.
  • There will be no early start this year due to COVID, if you need the entire 4.5 hours please contact the race director and you will be placed in one of the first waves.


  • This is to be determined:  working on moving the race course to around the submarine in Richland.  Working on details and will post once available.


  • Please like us on Facebook for updates and inspiration:
  • This year we have a running group and training plan for both the half marathon and then 10K.  See Facebook for details or see below in the running group and training plan section.


  • Online registration will begin hopefully by the end of November.  If all the details are in place prior to that it will be sooner. This will be through race to follow once up and going.
  • Online registration ends on Wednesday, February 24, at 8 PM.
  • The cut off for shirts will be SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7 at 5 PM. Any registration after that date/time will NOT receive a race shirt with their registration- so PLEASE get registered early.  And the shirts are going to be a different design but same style (light weight hoodie pullover that is soft) as the past two years as everyone seemed to really love them!
  • The in person races will have a maximum of 250 runners in the half marathon, 175 in the 10k, and 175 in the 5k allowed to meet all COVID standards for phase 2.  **Last year the race sold out all three distances**
  • The virtual races will not have a limit.
  • There will be NO packet pickup or race day registration (following COVID protocols)-so make sure you sign up early.
  • THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR DEFERRALS.  It is entirely possible the in person races will have to be changed to a virtual option due to COVID restrictions.  


  • The Half Marathon entry fee is $55 until 12/31/2019,  $65 from 1/1/2019 to 1/31/2020, $75 from 2/1/2020 to 2/24/2020.  The entry fee for the half marathon includes a buff, shirt (until the shirt deadline), medal and racejoy app use.
  • The 10K entry fee is $25 until 12/31/2019,  $30 from 1/1/2019 to 1/31/2020, $35 from 2/1/2020 to 2/24/2020.  The entry fee for the 10K includes a buff, medal and racejoy app use.
  • The 5K entry fee is $20 until 12/31/2019,  $25 from 1/1/2019 to 1/31/2020, $30 from 2/1/2020 to 2/24/2020.  The entry fee for the 5K includes a buff, medal and racejoy app use.
  • The 10K and 5K can purchase the shirt option separately for $25 extra.
  • For every participant that signs up (in person race or virtual) we will be donating $5 to a charity:  Rescue Freedom.  For more information please check out this website:
  • If you are a current 3RRR club member, your entry fee is $3 less.
  • SIGN UP EARLY TO SAVE!! and remember there is a 250 runner limit in the half marathon, 175 in the 10k and 175 in the 5k.  
  • There are NO refunds or deferrals to next years race.


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • Timing will by by chip.  There will be mats for timing at the start and finish.
  • Every Finisher will receive a finisher medal--they will be different than last year and all 3 will fit together in a unique way, so you can do all three distance and it will be cool-promise.
  • Working on how an "aid station" will look-may be self supported.  More to come.
  • There will be a wave start from 9 am through 12pm, with half marathon going first, 10K next and 5K last.  There will be a maximum of 10 runners leaving separated by several minutes.  We will follow the guidelines set up by the state health department.
  • You will be assigned a wave closer to the race day.
  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask (or the buff you get with your sign up) at all times in the start and finish area.  You will be allowed to take it off once you are on the course, although it is encouraged and recommended to keep it handy to use when passing other runners.


  • Larry is once again leading the running group and training plan for those that are interested.
  • The training plan is geared toward first time half marathon runners, but all levels are welcome at the Saturday morning runs.
  • The running group will be meeting on Saturday mornings at 6:45am at the Roasters on George Washington Way in Richland.  We ask that you park down in Howard Amon parking to not overwhelm Roasters parking lot.  All levels are welcome, we will be running the distance that is listed on the training plan.  Experienced runners are encouraged to attend to help mentor those who are new to our beloved sport.
  • Everyone attending is required to wear a mask and physically distance 6 feet at the 6:45am briefing. We then leave staggered to keep distance between us.
  • The Saturday runs will be posted on the Facebook page.
  • The training plan is posted on the Facebook page as well. The Weekly column is just the total milage you will run if you do the 4 scheduled runs during the week.
  • Remember that everyone is responsible for their own health and that they have checked with their doctor prior to participating.
  • If you are not a part of Facebook please just show up to a Saturday morning run and we will get you all the details you need (or contact me-the race director).

10K Training Plan and Half Marathon Training Plan


  • OVERALL top three female finishers for each distance.
  • OVERALL top three male finishers for each distance.
  • Those awards will be mailed to those individuals.
  • Age Group Awards: this year there will not be age group awards due to the way the race has to be distanced.  (Instead every finisher gets a medal).


  • Everyone will be required to immediately put on a mask or buff once they cross the finish line and move out of the area.  We need everyone to space out 5 min apart.
  • There will be bottled water and a "food gift bag" for all finishers depending on your race.


  • All race results will be posted on line shortly after the race at


  • PLEASE consider having your friends or family members volunteer for the race.  The Volunteers make your race experience that much better.
  • Volunteers will still be needed but they will be required to wear a mask the entire race and keep a 6 foot distance to all participants as much as possible.
  • If you know of anyone interested in volunteering, please have them contact Amanda Lang at


  • Their mission statement:  We exist to empower the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery and to prevent exploitation.
  • For every race entry we will be donating $5 (so if we sell out that is $1250 for the half marathon and if we sell out all races that is $3250!!)
  • Depending on how many sponsors we can get for the race we will also be donating additional monies.  If you know an organization that would like to sponsor please contact the race director (see below for information).





Any other questions, please email the race director, Amanda Lang, at or text 231-903-9080.  Please remember the race director is a volunteer and works a full time job that does not allow checking of phone or Facebook while at work.  Please be patient, I promise to get back to you, it just may take a day (or two in a really busy week).




We are sorry but this event is not yet open for registration.

You will be able to register starting February 01, 2021