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Titanium Man Jr. Tri


Race date is August 21, 2021

For 7-12 year old triathletes!

Hey kids --> It's your turn! Here is a chance to give triathlon a try. See if you’ve got what it takes to get to the finish line…we think you can do it.

Hey parents --> Here is a chance for cowboylogotextyour young athletes to try something a little different by putting a swim, bike, and run together in one event. We have designed a safe course with plenty of adult supervision that will be fun for the kids to challenge.  The 250-yard swim will be in the river in a shallow area near shore with plenty of boat and swimmer support. The 4.5-mile bike leg is all on a bike path, except for a short portion in the boat ramp parking lot which will be heavily barricaded and controlled. Helmets are required and any bike in good working condition may be used. The 1-mile run will be completely on a foot path.  And by the way, check back at this website in July for a list of practice swims on the course.

COVID SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: We will be following the guidelines from the Governor's office to keep everyone safe and healthy before, during, and after the race.  This guidance may change between now and race day, and we expect 100% compliance from all race participants, parents and volunteers.  Below are the main aspects of our Covid safety plan: (WE WILL SEND OUT AN E-MAIL A COUPLE DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT TO UPDATE COVID REQUIREMENTS LISTED BELOW)

  • Wear your face mask/face covering at all times before the race as you arrive for packet pickup, setting up in the transition area, and waiting to start in the rolling wave starting procedure. Keep your face mask/face covering handy in the transition area so that you can put it back on upon finishing the race.  Parents...please wear you face covering before, during, and after the race.
  • Practice social distancing before and after the race.
  • In your packet, you will be provided with a disposable face mask to wear as you get ready to start the race.  Wear this mask as you walk to the start line and keep it on until just before your rolling swim wave starts, where there will be a garbage can to dispose of your mask before you start the swim.
  • The start of the race will be a rolling wave format, which starts with a long, socially-distanced line of swimmers waiting to get in the water. Please self-seed yourself in these waves such that the oldest swimmers (11 and 12 year olds) are in the earlier waves and younger swimmers (7 and 8 year olds) in the later waves.  3 swimmers will start at a time, approximately every 15 seconds.
  • Again, you can dispose of the mask just prior to your wave starting, so there is no need to wear the mask during the race.
  • Upon finishing the race, please retrieve your face mask/face covering from the transition area and put it back on.  Keep it in place, except when you are drinking water from the bottles provided.
  • We cannot have a large gathering for an award ceremony.  Instead, check the Negative Split website on your phone at to see if you placed in your age group or were the overall winner in the boys or girls division and you can collect your award after the race at the picnic shelter where you picked up your packet. Please give us a little time after the race to have your award ready for you, so you have plenty of time to stow your gear after the race before picking up your award.  If you miss the pick up after the race you will need to contact Eric at to arrange a pickup time for your award.

What: It’s a triathlon that starts with a swim, goes directly into a bike, and then finishes with the run. Once the starting gun goes off, the action is non-stop and doesn’t end until the run is completed.

Where: Howard Amon Park, Richland, Washington. Look for the picnic shelter in the south end of the park, on the river side of the Richland Community Center, for race HQ.

Race Day Schedule: On race day, arrive early and be prepared for the following:
• 7:00 am – Packet pickup starts
• 8:30 am – Mandatory pre-race meeting
• 9:00 am – Race start
• 11:00am – Course closes

Cost: $20 per triathlete, which includes a race t-shirt and a one-day insurance license for the USA Triathlon Federation.  After August 10, 2021 at 8:00 pm the cost goes up to $25 since we will be mailing you your shirt.

USAT: Your entry fee includes a one-day insurance license for the USA Triathlon Federation. .

Pre-Registration: The only way to guarantee a t-shirt on race day is to register on-line by the pre-registration deadline of August 10, 2021 at 8:00 pm.

On-line Registration Deadline: August 17, 2021 and registration will close earlier if participant limit of 200 is reached.


ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS: We sympathize with life's uncertainties but there are no refunds of entry fees. Please, please, please plan accordingly.


Awards: The overall girl and boy champions will be recognized, along with the top 3 girls and boys in the 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12 age group.

Questions: Please contact the race director Eric Greager at with any race questions.

Volunteers: We need lots of volunteers for all our multi-sport events. If you can help at this event, please contact Eric Greager at .

Helpful Links:
Course: TMT Jr Map
Further Information: Things to Know About Triathlons


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

Event Roster

NameRegistration Date
91 people registered
Elias JohnsonJan 4, 2021
Cade MorrisMar 5, 2021
Johnny LongieMar 12, 2021
Luca RapozaMar 14, 2021
Raelynn AlexanderMar 22, 2021
McKay rhotenMar 23, 2021
Jack rhotenMar 23, 2021
Joaquin BagunuApr 26, 2021
Franco BagunuApr 26, 2021
Farrah BagunuApr 26, 2021
Clara BurrupJun 3, 2021
Jace ScrimsherJun 5, 2021
Malon CowgillJun 6, 2021
Lewis HatchJun 9, 2021
Suzette HatchJun 9, 2021
Charlotte HodgsonJun 10, 2021
Evelyn HodgsonJun 10, 2021
Lucas PylesJun 13, 2021
Rosalyn PylesJun 13, 2021
Eden SpaiteJun 15, 2021
Nate MerrillJun 19, 2021
Aubrey MerrillJun 19, 2021
Emily AbbeyJun 29, 2021
Ella AbbeyJun 29, 2021
Jane AllenJun 30, 2021
Everett AllenJun 30, 2021
Mateo Rolon DenchfieldJul 1, 2021
Ansel Rolon DenchfieldJul 1, 2021
Malia MequetJul 8, 2021
Rogue McBeanJul 8, 2021
Sayer McBeanJul 8, 2021
Adelaide FifieldJul 11, 2021
Grady EndicottJul 13, 2021
Lillian WaldherJul 15, 2021
Grant WaldherJul 15, 2021
Kennedy PetermanJul 16, 2021
Cassie OckenfelsJul 17, 2021
Grant Van der PolJul 23, 2021
Bo MotiejunasJul 27, 2021
Brayden BottenusJul 28, 2021
Keaton BottenusJul 28, 2021
Jimmy ParkJul 28, 2021
Bentley ParkJul 28, 2021
Keaton HubelJul 30, 2021
Brooks HubelJul 30, 2021
Emma Calderin PuigAug 1, 2021
Colin Calderin PuigAug 1, 2021
Miles CarbaughAug 2, 2021
Corinna ChuAug 2, 2021
Gwen SweetAug 2, 2021
Blake CelskiAug 4, 2021
Elliot GoochAug 4, 2021
Jacob MequetAug 5, 2021
Alec GeelhoodAug 6, 2021
Logan BlanscettAug 6, 2021
Jacob SkiffingtonAug 7, 2021
Kaitlyn SkiffingtonAug 7, 2021
Robert CollinsAug 8, 2021
Yendri HildebrandAug 8, 2021
Tyson CritchlowAug 8, 2021
Tanner CritchlowAug 8, 2021
Teegan CritchlowAug 8, 2021
Brooklyn GuernseyAug 8, 2021
Addison CelskiAug 9, 2021
Lydia LangeAug 9, 2021
Lexington ButlerAug 9, 2021
Alexandria ButlerAug 9, 2021
Ezra MontoyaAug 10, 2021
Sean De WetAug 10, 2021
Elsie HooverAug 11, 2021
Lincoln MorrisAug 11, 2021
Emery ZimmermanAug 12, 2021
Sadie WolfertAug 12, 2021
Sarah BowlesAug 13, 2021
Brianna BowlesAug 13, 2021
Jarrod Bowles Jr.Aug 13, 2021
Grace BowlesAug 13, 2021
Lukas BradleyAug 13, 2021
Carley BrownAug 14, 2021
Griffin BrownAug 14, 2021
Madeline MillerAug 14, 2021
Landen NipperAug 14, 2021
Benjamin FisherAug 14, 2021
Grace FisherAug 14, 2021
Sinan FarawilaAug 15, 2021
Jarrod ValladaresAug 16, 2021
Joanna ValladaresAug 16, 2021
Hadley HanchettAug 16, 2021
Veera HanchettAug 16, 2021
Audrey OddAug 16, 2021
Zavina JonesAug 17, 2021