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The Tri-City Court Club is teaming with Waddell & Reed, Copper Top Tap House, Yoke's Fresh Market, and our other valued sponsors to get you outside for some healthy exercise and raise some money for a good cause.  All the proceeds of the Spring into Summer Run will go to benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital Guild.  Come out and help support a worthy cause!

TCCC is helping you get geared up for the Spring and Summer racing season with a flat and fast 5 km to get tuned up and see where your fitness is. We also have a one-mile fun run.  And right afterwards there will be a BBQ lunch and family festival in the park hosted by Waddell & Reed.   Read on for the details.

DATE: April 28, 2018

DISTANCES: 5 km and one-mile runs (walkers welcome).

TIMES: Race day late registration/packet pickup starts at 8:00 am. One-mile race starts at 9:30 am and the 5 km starts at 10:00 am. Course closes at 11:00 am.

PLACE: Columbia Point Marina Park in Richland, in the parking lot near Lu Lu's.  Parking available in the Columbia Point Marina Park parking lot.

AWARDS: For the 5 km race, special awards provided to the overall top 3 men's and women's finishers, along with the top 3 in the following age groups: 15 and under, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, and 70 and over. Finisher ribbons and TCCC play passes to all one mile finishers.

CLOTHING: Short-sleeve t-shirts available for an additional $12 to those that register by the pre-registration deadline of April 19, 2018 at 8:00 pm. Only a limited number of shirts will be available after this date, so if you want a shirt please pre-register.  If you do not order a shirt, please indicate "None" for a t-shirt size when prompted during your online registration.  Thanks.

PARKING: Available in the Richland Columbia Point Marina Park parking lot.

RACE DIRECTOR: Eric Greager at Please drop me an e-mail with any questions on the event.

ENTRY FEE: The online entry fee is $12 for the 5 km and for participants 13 and older in the one-mile run if you register by April 19th at 8:00 pm.  Late fees apply after that date. Entry is $5 for kids 12 and under in the one-mile run. Late, in-person entry on April 27th and 28th is $15 (kids 13 and under for the one-mile are still $5 for late entry). Optional shirts for both races cost an additional $12. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE "CHOOSE AN OPTION" DROP DOWN BOX AT THE START OF REGISTRATION TO CORRECTLY CHOOSE YOUR RACE DISTANCE AND T-SHIRT OPTIONS.  IF YOU DID NOT ORDER A T-SHIRT, PLEASE INDICATE "NONE" FOR A SHIRT SIZE.  THANK YOU.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT DEADLINES: To be assured of receiving a t-shirt, you must complete online registration by the pre-registration deadline of April 19, 2018 at 8:00 pm.  The late fee applies after this pre-registration date.  Online registration will still be available until April 24, 2018.  Late, in-person registration will be available at Copper Top Tap House (5453 Ridgeline Drive, Ste 110, Kennewick) on Friday, April 27th from 3:30 to 5:30 pm or race morning at the race site starting at 8:00 am.

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS: We sympathize with life's uncertainties but there are no refunds. Please, please, please plan accordingly.

PACKET PICKUP/LATE REGISTRATION:  Late registration and race numbers/shirts may be picked up on April 27th at Copper Top Tap House (5453 Ridgeline Drive, Ste 110, Kennewick) from 3:30 to 5:30 pm or race morning at the race site starting at 8:00 am.

HOSPITAL GUILD:  Seattle Children’s Hospital Tri-Cities Clinic has been providing care locally to children in Benton and Franklin Counties for 18 years.  The clinic has nearly 3,000 patients visit annually and offers services for cancer patients, pediatric surgery, neurology, cardiology and much more.  Proceeds from this event benefit uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s, which provides quality medical care to all children of the Northwest regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Thanks to the continued generosity of a caring community, the Hospital is able to continue this worthy mission.

POST RACE BBQ:  After you work up an appetite participating in our 1-mile or 5k run/walk please plan on sticking around for the Waddell & Reed barbeque. Waddell & Reed along with our valued sponsors would like to welcome ALL runners and their families to enjoy lunch (hamburger/hot dogs, chips, cookie and more), music and other fun family-style activities!  Your race number is your ticket to the BBQ.  For your family members that did not run in the race, BBQ tickets can be purchased for $5 each.

DISCLAIMER:  Waddell & Reed, Inc. does not control, monitor or supervise any aspect of the run event. These are the exclusive responsibility of the event organizer, 3 Rivers Road Runners. Waddell & Reed is not affiliated with 3 Rivers Road Runners, Tri-City Court Club, Seattle Children’s Hospital/Dr. L.G. Spaulding Guild or any of the other sponsors listed herein. All event proceeds are collected by 3 Rivers Road Runners and will be delivered to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Sponsors pay Seattle Children’s Hospital directly.


Start Time: 9:30 am
End Time: 11:00 am

Date: April 28, 2018

Columbia Point Park
700 Columbia Point Drive
Richland, WA
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In consideration of your acceptance of this race entry, I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever release and discharge any and all rights, demands, claims for damages and causes of suit or action known or unknown that I may have against the 3 Rivers Road Runners, the City of Richland, the City of Kennewick, and Benton County and any and all participating race sponsors and directors, officers, employees and agents of such parties, for any and all injuries in any manner arising or resulting from my participation in said race. I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in the race, that I assume those risks, that I will assume and pay my own medical and emergency expenses in the event of an accident, illness or other capacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses, and that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this race. All confirmed orders are final once payment is submitted. 3 Rivers Road Runners does not issue refunds.

Waiver Initials

Initials of athlete over 18 years of age or parent/legal guardian of minor under 18 years of age or legal guardian of incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person.

Event Roster

NameRegistration Date
119 people registered
Wendy FunicelloFeb 8, 2018
Erica OrtizFeb 12, 2018
Mindy LindeFeb 18, 2018
Shelley AjaxFeb 24, 2018
Susan YoshinoFeb 25, 2018
Justin OrmbergMar 1, 2018
aurora OrmbergMar 1, 2018
Talitha OrmbergMar 1, 2018
Sarah WrightMar 8, 2018
Amanda KruskaMar 13, 2018
Lupe J.RiosMar 20, 2018
Nick SteelMar 23, 2018
carol austinMar 24, 2018
Bob AndersonMar 24, 2018
Ronda Finley-BurtonMar 25, 2018
Cindy SitalMar 30, 2018
Marissa SitalMar 30, 2018
Mariko Sital-GimmakaMar 30, 2018
Courtney RiekeMar 30, 2018
Mart OostromApr 1, 2018
Aggie DoctorApr 2, 2018
Bonnie HollickApr 3, 2018
Patrick HollickApr 3, 2018
Shirley MeeApr 3, 2018
Karen SkellengerApr 3, 2018
Kacey LacicApr 3, 2018
Dario LacicApr 3, 2018
Kylie BurnettApr 3, 2018
Shane BurnettApr 3, 2018
Sandra GirnusApr 3, 2018
Katie TateApr 4, 2018
Philip GarzaApr 5, 2018
Deb ClarkeApr 5, 2018
zvi EisenbergApr 5, 2018
Debbie LagoApr 5, 2018
Joni LeiningerApr 6, 2018
Debbie SchwisowApr 6, 2018
Bonnie SmithApr 6, 2018
Kyleigh MartinezApr 7, 2018
Kara MaglioApr 7, 2018
Alison EckbergApr 8, 2018
Kathleen LawrenceApr 8, 2018
Jeff HuntsmanApr 8, 2018
Belinda HuntsmanApr 8, 2018
Maria SanchezApr 9, 2018
Elliot FoxApr 9, 2018
Atticus FoxApr 9, 2018
Trevor FoxApr 9, 2018
Erin FoxApr 9, 2018
Harley EstradaApr 9, 2018
NANCY MACIASApr 10, 2018
Shawn SloverApr 11, 2018
Kimberly SloverApr 11, 2018
Esmeralda JacoboApr 11, 2018
Scott BoothApr 11, 2018
Beth BoothApr 11, 2018
Calvin GoetzApr 12, 2018
Ryan EddyApr 12, 2018
Wyatt MorrisApr 12, 2018
Soona PriceApr 13, 2018
Leslie O\'ConnellApr 13, 2018
Ryan CarterApr 13, 2018
Matt WeigApr 13, 2018
Maria WalkerApr 13, 2018
Elizabeth CanoApr 13, 2018
Angelica Del ValleApr 13, 2018
Julio CanoApr 13, 2018
Oscar Del ValleApr 13, 2018
Heather DemosApr 13, 2018
Stefany InsleeApr 13, 2018
Sophie ParmeleeApr 14, 2018
Tracey ParmeleeApr 14, 2018
Seth JohnsonApr 14, 2018
Sydney JohnsonApr 14, 2018
Jason JohnsonApr 14, 2018
Linda HendrixApr 14, 2018
John SlackApr 15, 2018
Tammy SlackApr 15, 2018
Denise RichardApr 15, 2018
Bill SicklesApr 15, 2018
Saida SicklesApr 15, 2018
Heidi stewartApr 15, 2018
Nicolas DelatorreApr 16, 2018
Maxim DelatorreApr 16, 2018
Emma OsorioApr 16, 2018
Joliane LandryApr 16, 2018
Wendy DixonApr 16, 2018
Bergen StovallApr 16, 2018
Jackie BascheApr 17, 2018
Kristine StudniskiApr 17, 2018
Annie LeeApr 17, 2018
Adelynn LeeApr 17, 2018
Josh LeeApr 17, 2018
Heather LeeApr 17, 2018
Randy LeeApr 17, 2018
Diane GainesApr 17, 2018
Carrie EnriquezApr 17, 2018
Isidoro EnriquezApr 17, 2018
Alonzo EnriquezApr 17, 2018
Olivia EnriquezApr 17, 2018
Debbie MendozaApr 17, 2018
DeAnna PrunedaApr 18, 2018
Chris RicardApr 18, 2018
Janice RutherfordApr 18, 2018
Chuck InsleeApr 18, 2018
Zoran DjuricApr 18, 2018
Gage SmithApr 18, 2018
Jennifer StillingsApr 19, 2018
Meghann O\'ReillyApr 19, 2018
Sheena BrownApr 19, 2018
Laurie JohnsonApr 19, 2018
Maria PetyukApr 19, 2018
Victor PetyukApr 19, 2018
Evgeniya PetyukApr 19, 2018
Chrissy HallumApr 19, 2018
Paul ClaybrookApr 19, 2018