Open Water River Swims

Posted May 23, 2019 @ 3:38pm — by EricGreager

Open water river swims start Saturday, May 25th at 8:30 am and go on throughout the summer.  Check the 3RRR website Calendar for dates and times throughout the season.  Meet at the Bradley Blvd parking lot just upstream of the Marina Vista Estates townhouse complex (the first housing complex downstream from the Shilo Inn on Bradley Blvd in Richland).  We drive upstream to a starting point and swim back down with the river current and warm hose showers in Eric’s driveway.  Times may vary, so check back to the Calendar.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: These swims are non-lifeguard swims.  We may be lucky from time to time and have a support kayak, but don’t count on it.  The river is colder, darker, and faster than any pool you will swim in.  If you show up for these swims it means you are competent and capable of completing the swim and getting out alive without assistance from anyone else.  YOU are responsible for your safety in the water…no one else is!

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: To swim with us you must bring along a big, brightly colored floaty toy you can tether to yourself during the swim to provide maximum visibility for you (and the rest of us) to the boaters on the river.  The bigger and brighter the better.  You can find something that works at a local pool store.  No floaty means no swim with the group.