All 2020 Events Cancelled, Virtual Alternatives

Posted July 12, 2020 @ 3:49pm — by EricGreager

We had a Race Director meeting for our races coming up the rest of the year and reached the sad conclusion that we cannot host any physical races for the rest of the year. Early 2021 is looking dicey at best and will take some creativity to have some semblance of our races in the early part of next year.
So, we have some alternatives. For the Indian Summer Half Marathon and 5 km we are going virtual and the registration for those events are open for registration on our Event Registration page. Annika has a good set up to keep you motivated to train for these races. Janet will be doing something similar for the Columbia Classic 10-miler in November, and look for that to open up on the Event Registration page soon. Sandra has decided not to do a virtual marathon race, but will have some incentives for you to run a marathon and extend your ability to earn a 2020 Endurance Award (for running the RunFest Half, Indian Summer Half, and the Full Marathon this year. Sandra will have more information out for the marathon soon.
In the mean time, lets consider 2020 a gap year. Stay motivated, keep running, biking, swimming, hiking and any other activity to keep you moving. Stay mentally strong, stay healthy, and stay safe and 2021 is going to be a better year.