3 Rivers Runners Time Trials Series

Posted March 5, 2015 @ 7:24pm — by Mariana Neeway

3 Rivers Road Runners is announcing its Runners Time Trial Series! What it is: The time trial series is a set of five different types of runs, where 3RRR members will compete against each other to win prizes. Runs include an 8k trail run, a road 5k and 10k, 2 mile, and a Badger Mountain run. Points will be given based on finishing times for each event. The time trial series will be held biweekly Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 pm. Runners may start at any time during the 1.5 hour window, as long as they finish by 7 pm. Each runner will be responsible for keeping his or her own time and report this time to the 3RRR volunteer that is present at each event. Any runner is welcome to participate but points will only be tracked for 3RRR members. We will be using a handicap formula to calculate scores, so that all runners young or old, beginner or advanced, male or female – will be able to achieve competitive scores. First time trial run will be the 3RRR St Pats 10k on March 14th. Information and sign up will be available at this event. Please join in this fun way to keep your running skills current! Questions? Contact Mariana Neeway at marianashe@gmail.com.

Run Locations:
2 mile: Start at Badger Mountain Community Park on Keene Rd. This course will be out and back with runners going 1 mile towards Queensgate along Keene Rd trail and 1 mile back towards the park. Turnaround will be marked.
5k: Start at the 0.5 mile mark at Columbia Point and run north along the River trail. Course will be out and back with turnaround (at 2.5k) clearly marked.
8k trail: Start at Horn Rapids County Park. Start will be near the RV camping overflow (turn right when coming into the park and continue straight past the grassy camping area to the gravel overflow area). Course will run parallel to the Yakima and be out and back. Turnaround (at 4k) will be clearly marked.
10k: Start at the USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park (corner of Port of Benton Blvd and 11th in North Richland). Runners will start out going south on the River trail and turnaround after 5k. Turnaround will be clearly marked.
Badger Mountain: Start at the Queensgate side parking lot. Runners will go up the Skyline trail and down the Sagebrush trail.

Dates for the first round of the time trial series:
10k: March 14, 2015 (St Pats race)
Badger: Badger Mountain Challenge: March 28, 2015
5k: April 8, 2015
8k trail: April 25, 2015
10k: May 6, 2015