Running Program for the Richland RunFest Half Marathon

Posted September 7, 2017 @ 3:17pm — by EricGreager

Larry Kurz will be setting up and directing a running program to get runners of all abilities (especially beginners) ready for the half-marathon at the Richland RunFest.  The program will consist of Saturday group runs and then weekday runs where the participants are on their own (and can certainly join up to run together).  The rest of this note is from Larry:  Please share this with friends that are interested in beginning a running program. We will start training for the Richland Runfest half marathon the first week of October. The half marathon will be held on February 24. This will give beginners plenty of time to get ready. The training program is free to everyone. You can even join us if you are planning on doing a different event.

1. Running is cheap. You only need a good pair of shoes.
2. Many people gain about 5 pounds during the holidays. Participating in the running group will burn about 13 pounds. Great way to keep weight in check!
4. It is so much fun getting outside during the winter and get a workout in.
5. Participating in a group helps encourage commitment. We all need an accountability partner sometimes.
6. People feel a lot safer running in a group environment.

Over the next week or so we will be posting more information on the 3RRR Facebook Page and on the 3RRR calendar. Until then encourage your friends, family and co-workers to consider joining us.