Coach for 5 km 101 running course wanted by Pasco Parks Dept

Posted June 1, 2017 @ 7:21pm — by EricGreager

This is Eric and I received the note below from Brent at the Pasco Parks Department.  They are looking for a knowledgeable runner to teach/coach their 5 km 101 running program that lasts for 8 weeks to get runners ready for the Cable Bridge 5 km run in December (see below).  Here is a great opportunity to give back to the running community, get some more folks going in the sport we all love, and have a rewarding experience as you help novice runners get in shape for their first 5 km race.  I have taught a couple of Couch to 5 km training programs and would be happy to sit down with you and go over some ideas…to do that just contact me at  If you are interested in this coaching position, please contact Brent directly at the contact info provided below.  Thanks.

 Note from Brent Kubalek:

We are looking for an instructor for the 5K 101 Training program that leads up to and prepares people to participate in the Lampson Cable Bridge Run.

The program would take place on Saturday Mornings at 8:00 – 9:00am from October 21 – December 9. The instructor would lead participants through their work out of the day and give them their running homework for the week. We, the city, would arrange for some guest speakers to come in at various times during the program regarding, health, nutrition, running wear, etc. They would do their presentation at 8:00am before the workout would begin on those days. The instructor would get automatic entry into the 5K distance of the Lampson Cable Bridge Run and would meet with the participants that morning before the race. The instructor could be volunteer or paid.


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Brent Kubalek, CPRP

City of Pasco, Recreation Services Manager

O: 509-543-5790

F: 509-545-3455