Apex Coaching and Training

Posted September 18, 2018 @ 2:39pm — by EricGreager

Apex Coaching and Training

Carl Loera is an Endurance Running coach certified by the USA Track and Field association and the Road Runners Club of America. He is launching a new “running coach” service,  “Apex Coaching and Training”, (ACT). Coach Loera has many years of experience as an avid athlete, runner, skier, and cyclist. He has participated and supported numerous community running events for health, for fun and for competition over the years. He has recently been a volunteer coach for a local high school and a local USATF running club.

He recently completed his USATF  Level 2 Endurance Coach certification this past summer, 2018. Coach Loera, also a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of running related injuries, understands the significant and positive impact on running performance that is attained by understanding and structuring effective running training plans utilizing sports science principles.  Understanding the energy demands of the competitive event is the basis for developing successful and effective endurance training regimens. He also understands the concept of proper running form and its contribution to injury prevention and improved running economy which means that you will run with fewer injuries, you will run faster, longer, and use lese es energy.

If you are ready to move your running to the next level, contact coach Loera about his coaching program, “The runners Macrocycle and yearly plan”. This program begins with and includes:

an initial meeting, interview, and consultation with the athlete to determine the athletes training age and experience levels, discussing and determining the athlete’s running goals for the year, determining the number of important running events they are interested in running in, performing an initial assessment of flexibility and strength and identifying areas of concern, assessing any current injury concerns with recommendations, suggesting appropriate exercises for specific injuries and for strengthening the core, hips, upper/lower body, discussing proper warm up, and dynamic flexibility routines, and establishing a weekly training regimen for each athlete.  Depending on each athlete’s chronological age, training age, fitness and experience level, the intensity of the weekly training runs will be established. Coach Loera will provide weekly guidance to monitor and progress each athlete via email, phone, and/or the cross country course or track facility to assess running form and other areas of concern. The athlete will receive a running plan for the week.

For athletes:  12 years old and up  limited to : 10 athletes

Cost: A special rate $50./month for the 1st  5 athletes that sign up then the regular rate of $100.00/month will apply. The special offer rate of $50./month for  the 1st 5 athletes is valid through November 30, 2018 or at the end of the post cross country season, which ever occurs last.

Call to schedule your initial consultation with coach Loera

509-547-3725- office – 509-528-6604- mobile

Email: washpt1@bossig.com  – website: www.washpt.com

Check our “Runners Performance” page for information on common running related injuries.

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