Multi-Sport Series Mid-Season Report

Posted July 20, 2016 @ 3:43pm — by EricGreager

At the halfway point in the Three Rivers Multi-Sport Series we have 24 men and 5 women that have completed the first 3 events and are in the running for grand prix points.  The men’s leaders are Nick Hetro, Brian Schur, and Ryan Brown in 3rd place.  Leading the women we have Jen Comfort out front with Marcy Buck and Diana Thome right behind.  A quick reminder on the scoring…half your points come from a comparison with the overall champion’s time and the other half are from a comparison with the top finisher in your age group.  Every so often there is a caveat, when a strange mutant force (like 40-year old Jason Jablonski winning the Rage in the Sage outright) stirs the pot.  In the greater universe, we expect 30-year olds to be faster than 40-year olds, who are faster than 50-year olds, etc.  So we sometimes need to adjust age group time comparisons.  For instance, if a 50-year old age group winner is faster than all the 40-year olds, then those 40-year olds have their times compared to the winner of the 50-year old division rather than their 40-year old division winner.  Full details of the scoring to date are posted in link below.

2016 Multi-Sport Series Standings