3RRR Club Christmas Party/Meeting

Posted November 16, 2017 @ 3:59pm — by EricGreager

Staying with our years old Christmas tradition, we will once again be back at Atomic Ale Brewpub for our Christmas party/meeting on Sunday, December 17th.  The fine folks at Atomic (one of our long time sponsors) are again are reserving the whole place just for us from noon until 3:00 pm that day.  The beer and the soup is taken care of by the club and you can order off the menu if you want and take care of that tab.  This is also the time when most of us pay up our $20 annual dues per household.  Still the best deal in the free world!  So bring your annual dues with you and we will check you off as you come in and then hang with your clubbies and relax and enjoy an easy afternoon.  You will still get home in time to see the second half of the Seahawks game!  Hope to see you there.