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Membership in 3 Rivers Road Runners for 2020


Membership into the Three Rivers Road Runners Club costs $20 per year per household. With those dues, members support the running club and its website. Our club website provides a schedule of local events and a forum for our members to share their running experiences.

Besides the monthly social meetings, where you get the chance to network with other club members, membership in the club also means you receive a monthly newsletter to keep up on the running and multi-sport activities in the area and a chance to get discounts on all of our 3RRR produced runs and multi-sport events.

You can join the Three Rivers Road Runners Club by several avenues but you can do so through the website like signing up for a race.  The membership dues are set up as an "event or race" so it cost you no extra fees and you can use your visa or master card to pay.  You can do this below.

If you wish for the old fashion way you can print out the membership form on our website under the membership information and mail it to our membership chairperson, Sid Wavrin at 2501 Boundary Rd., Mabton, WA 98935.

Price: $20.00

Start Time: 12:01 am
End Time: 11:59 pm

Date: December 31, 2020

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Event Roster

NameRegistration Date
33 people registered
Doug HendricksonDec 9, 2019
Mistie OrdwayDec 11, 2019
Paul MartinDec 16, 2019
Kirby AmackerDec 16, 2019
Dale FullerDec 21, 2019
Steve McDuffieDec 23, 2019
Heather JohnsonDec 25, 2019
Kelly WavrinDec 28, 2019
Briana ButlerDec 29, 2019
David HevelDec 29, 2019
Stefany InsleeDec 31, 2019
Jim HoffmanJan 2, 2020
Brandon DieterJan 3, 2020
Nerissa LedgerwoodJan 3, 2020
Sheri WhitfieldJan 4, 2020
Emma MealerJan 5, 2020
Kristin AndersonJan 5, 2020
Bruce BradleyJan 5, 2020
Anne FarawilaJan 5, 2020
Bronson BrownJan 5, 2020
Suzy WatersJan 6, 2020
kate samuelsonJan 6, 2020
Debi LueyJan 6, 2020
Rychell HayesJan 8, 2020
Amanda LangJan 8, 2020
Diana SpangleJan 9, 2020
Karen PattersonJan 10, 2020
Deb ClarkeJan 11, 2020
Jeffrey PierceJan 13, 2020
Brian HarpJan 13, 2020
Andy MillerJan 14, 2020
Chad QuadhamerJan 15, 2020
Ron TuckerJan 18, 2020