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Righteous Richland Sprint Tri - Individuals


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This is the Third Event in the MultiSport Series - July 1, 2017

Format: 1/2 mile swim; 12 mile mountain bike; 3 mile run

Course Description: The race starts with a brisk 1/2 mile swim in the Columbia River along the length of Howard Amon Park.

From the park we bike (MOUNTAIN BIKES, ONLY) a total of 12 miles via roads and bike paths to the Chamna Nature Preserve, where we will find plenty of off-road and single track riding. Mountain bikes only.
The 3 mile run is along the foot paths heading south from the park, with the finish back in the park.

• Race - $35 (3RRR members get a $3 discount)
• Race plus 1 One Day License - $50 (3RRR members get a $3 discount)
(As a sanctioned USA Triathlon (USAT) event, all participants are required to have a USAT license. If you are not a card carrying member a One Day License must be purchased for $15.  If you are a current USAT member you won't need to purchase a One Day License. Simply enter your USAT Member Number where appropriate)

3RRR members get the discount mentioned above if they register by the pre-registration deadline of June 22, 2017 at 8:00 pm and they carefully choose the correct option in the Choose an Option drop-down box at the start of online registration below.

Athlete limit for this event is 225 individuals. Please note: Mail-in registration is not may register on-line ONLY - NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION

On Line Registration Deadline: To be pre-registered for The Righteous Richland Sprint Triathlon and get the sleeveless t-shirt, you must enter by June 22nd at 8:00 pm.  A late fee of $10 will apply after this date.  Registration ends on June 27th, or earlier if the participant limit is reached. Race day registration will NOT be available.

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS: We sympathize with life's uncertainties but there are no refunds. Entries are not transferrable  to another race or to the team Righteous Richland Sprint Tri. Please, please, please plan accordingly.


Chip Timing: Disposable timing chips will be used to record split and finish times. Timing chips will be distributed race morning at check-in.  More info on these timing chips can be found at .

Clothing Option: Another Righteous Clothing Option.  A sleeveless t-shirt that will cost you an extra $12. If you want the shirt you should pre-register by June 22nd, as they may not be available unless you pre-register.

Age Categories: 13-19,20-24,25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,45-49,50-54,55-59,60-64,65-69,70-75, 76-80

Race Day Schedule: On race day, arrive early and be prepared for the following:
• 6:30 am – Packet pickup starts
• 8:00 am – Mandatory pre-race meeting
• 8:30 am – Race start
• 11:00am – Course closes

Special Considerations: Please note the following:
• Mountain bikes, ONLY. Athletes must use mountain bike frames with 26-29 inch wheels, and tires with a minimum 1.5 inch width (no road tires allowed) and have some sort of knobby, raised pattern that covers more than 50% of the tire surface.  So that means the slick portion of the tire is less than 50% of the tire surface.

Questions: Please contact Eric Greager at with any race questions.

Mini-Tutorial on Registration: To help you through the process, here is a quick tutorial:

  • Start at the top of Event Registration with the orange-highlighted box entitled “Choose an Option.”  Go to the drop-down list and choose which option (race only, clothing option, one-day license) you want.  The specific cost that will be charged to your credit card is also listed.
  • The next box down is the clothing option box.  If you chose the race clothing in the “Choose an Option” box, indicate your size in this box.  If you did not order the optional clothing, then select “none” in this box.
  • Fill out all required fields as usual and remember to include your USAT number when prompted if you did not choose to purchase a USAT one-day license.  If you are not a USAT member, you will need to purchase the one-day license for multi-sport events.
  • Continue with your registration until credit card payment is complete.

If you have any questions on this, feel free to contact any of the Website administrators listed on the Info – Officers page on our website.

Volunteers: We need lots of volunteers for all our multi-sport events. If you can help at this event, please contact Eric Greager at .

Course Map:Righteous Richland Sprint Tri

As you register, PLEASE pay careful attention when indicating your selection in the “Choose an Option” drop-down list. This is where you choose whether you want the optional clothing option or not. It is also where you select whether you need to purchase the USAT One Day License. If you are a USAT member you do not need to choose the One Day License – be sure to provide your USAT member number where prompted below. If you are not a USAT member, you MUST choose to purchase the One Day License to do this race.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

Event Roster

NameRegistration Date
90 people registered
matt tollacksonJan 18, 2017
Jim HoffmanFeb 17, 2017
Jen LoganbillMar 5, 2017
Eric GreagerMar 6, 2017
Mark SturgesMar 11, 2017
Jim BrockusMar 12, 2017
Anne FarawilaMar 15, 2017
Patrick HumberstadMar 26, 2017
Nick HetroMar 28, 2017
Jeevan PhilipMar 30, 2017
Doug WadsworthApr 26, 2017
Robert StaffordMay 10, 2017
Daphne FillebrownMay 20, 2017
Jill Young-McMurchieMay 26, 2017
gazza daltonMay 28, 2017
Woody WoodworthMay 28, 2017
Eric SmithMay 31, 2017
Albert TurnbowJun 1, 2017
Cassandra HeideJun 2, 2017
Shalom PowellJun 4, 2017
Arron VanwormerJun 6, 2017
Jessa VanwormerJun 6, 2017
Andrew LingJun 7, 2017
gary hopkinsJun 11, 2017
Galt PettettJun 11, 2017
Travis SturgesJun 12, 2017
Erin PlumbJun 12, 2017
Walt TaylorJun 12, 2017
Kimberly TaylorJun 12, 2017
Kenneth TaylorJun 12, 2017
Katrina TaylorJun 12, 2017
Dale FullerJun 13, 2017
Ross ProcterJun 13, 2017
Brian SchurJun 14, 2017
tony SAKOJun 15, 2017
Heather KesslerJun 15, 2017
Elizabeth KaratJun 15, 2017
David WellerJun 16, 2017
Rose PalmerJun 16, 2017
Nathan HansenJun 16, 2017
Craig BensenJun 16, 2017
Jeremy LottJun 18, 2017
Shandi LottJun 18, 2017
Eric DyslandJun 19, 2017
Porter WithersJun 19, 2017
Ron WhitneyJun 19, 2017
Lance HarpeJun 19, 2017
Brian HooverJun 20, 2017
Linda TeynorJun 20, 2017
Andy HooverJun 20, 2017
Daniel EveartsJun 21, 2017
Tamara BarcusJun 21, 2017
Scott BarcusJun 21, 2017
Katie GrantJun 21, 2017
Kimberly EstesJun 21, 2017
Ken CallJun 21, 2017
Rebecca BowieJun 21, 2017
Joe FrancikJun 22, 2017
Steve AndersonJun 22, 2017
Nathaniel FullerJun 22, 2017
andy millerJun 22, 2017
Marisa MoralesJun 22, 2017
Roman MoralesJun 22, 2017
Shawna PrattJun 22, 2017
Don HeinkelJun 22, 2017
Forrest HansonJun 22, 2017
Eric HansonJun 22, 2017
Christina SagetJun 22, 2017
Melina HallJun 22, 2017
Mark SkiffingtonJun 22, 2017
Anna McDowellJun 22, 2017
Ned HastingsJun 22, 2017
Jeremy DebbanJun 22, 2017
Haneefa MuhammadJun 23, 2017
David HughesJun 23, 2017
Ethan HansenJun 23, 2017
Kyle PaulsonJun 25, 2017
Ken MillerJun 25, 2017
Danielle NipperJun 25, 2017
Will RobinsonJun 26, 2017
Geoff BjorkedalJun 26, 2017
Stephen SmileyJun 27, 2017
David DouglasJun 27, 2017
Jake HilderbrandJun 27, 2017
Laura BergJun 27, 2017
Micah SextonJun 27, 2017
Ryan BrownJun 28, 2017