24 Hour Run to Celebrate Farmworkers

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24 Hour Run to Celebrate Farmworkers
September 10, 2021 12:00 am
August 13, 2021

Some of our most cherished moments involve a shared meala memory filled with cheerful sounds, distinctive flavors, and familiar dishes. We take these memories with us regardless of the distance that separates us. Farmworkers harvest 85% of the fruits and vegetables in the United States, and the sustenance they provide is unseen and unrewarded.

We bring forward an event focused on the tremendous contribution farmworkers provide. This 24 Hour Run is a test of endurance in an effort to humanize farmworkers beyond their economic value. A run completed in solidarity with the men, women, and children who sacrifice their bodies and health.

Join Jose Armando Munguia for a leg or two on Badger Mountain beginning on September 10th 2021 at 7pm and ending 24 hours later on September 11th at 7pm!

The fee for running a single leg for this event is $25leg. Join anytime Jose Armando reaches aid station at the lower Trailhead park parking lot. You may pay by donating to the DDLMrun scholarship fund which benefits marginalized youth in Benton-Franklin Counties. When donating, in the text box labeled Personal Message for this Donation, please write your email address, phone number, statement of wanting to participate, and your preferred time to participate

All proceeds are used to generate scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year. For more information please email us at maulsartinez07@gmail.com


Contact: Saul Martinez

Email: maulsartinez07@gmail.com

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