2018 Summer Fitness Challenge

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2018 Summer Fitness Challenge
July 28, 2018 7:00 am
July 9, 2018

Come out and attempt to swim around Nelson Island (~2.7km). Test your current swimming fitness. Bring any gear you want (fins & paddles are acceptable for this event, as is a wetsuit).
The event will start and finish at Leslie Groves beach.
This qualifies USMS members for the Smarty Pants Summer Fitness challenge (info below).

On July 28, 2018, meet at the Leslie Groves beach area (Park Street, Richland) at 7am, start swimming at 7:30am or when you are ready.

**We could use extra kayak support.

Safety #1: To swim with us you must bring along a big, brightly colored floaty toy you can tether to yourself during the swim to provide maximum visibility for you (and the rest of us) to the boaters on the river. The bigger and brighter the better. You can find something that works at a local pool store. No floaty means no swim with the group.

Safety #2: This swim is a non-lifeguarded swim. The river is colder, darker, and faster than any pool you will swim in. If you show up for these swims it means you are competent and capable of completing the swim and getting out alive without assistance from anyone else.

This event is for experienced, intermediate to expert level swimmers.  Swimming upriver will be quite challenging.

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Contact: Buzz Vickery

Email: buzz.vickery1@gmail.com

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